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Time – it means something different to everyone, but to all of us at Genio Technologies™, it is the reason we do what we do.

At Genio, we are dedicated to developing technologies that provide real-time diagnostic information to your healthcare provider, at the point of care, giving more time for patients to focus on what is most important in their lives.

Your Time


Our goal is to reduce the time both patients and healthcare providers spend in the operating room. For patients this means less time under anesthesia, less time worrying about disease recurrence and additional surgery, and more time to focus on healing. For healthcare providers, it means more time for developing next generation diagnostics and strategic therapy to improve patient care.

The revolutionary ability to reassure my surgical judgement so quickly has the potential to be life changing for both me and my patients.  

JAMES D. BROOKS, MD Professor of Surgical Oncology, Stanford University School of Medicine
40 minutes


10 Seconds


Today, cancer-free survival time is increased by ensuring complete removal of tumors during surgery. The likelihood of cancer cells remaining in the body can be assessed during the procedure by a process known as histopathology. While intraoperative histopathology has been widely used in medicine since 1838, it can often take up to 40 minutes to provide the diagnostic results back to the operating room. This waiting period keeps patients under anesthesia while surgeons delay further action, resulting in precious time wasted for patients, clinicians, and surgical staff. Our precìso™ technology can provide this diagnostic information in seconds, giving that time back to patients and clinicians.

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